21 janv. 2009


credits :
1. Pernille in Africa
2&3. Skinny laminx
4.Buckley's in Tanzania

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Devant ma télé hier, j'ai pensé qu'un peu partout en Afrique il devait y avoir des pagnes flamboyants avec le sourire du Président Obama. Ci-dessus sont ceux que j'ai trouvé sur le net mais je suis certaine qu'il en existe plein d'autres.

Watching tv yesterday, I thought that in Africa there must be flamboyant fabrics with President Obama smile on. Above are those I found on the internet but I'm sure there are a lot more out there.

Mirando la tele anoche, pensé que en África debía encontrarse telas resplandecientes con la sonrisa del Presidente Obama. Más arriba son los que encontré en el internet, segura que exista mucho más

5 commentaires:

  1. How creative, this man's picture must be everywhere around the globe! Good of you to find these.

  2. Thanks for your comment and for looking in on my blog!

  3. Hey supermodel,
    I nominated you for the Kreative Blogger Award :))

  4. I love those fabrics - haven't seen any in the U.S., though, and they would sell here!

    Looks like Birgitte beat me to it, but I also nominated you for a Kreativ blogger award. Welcome back.

  5. I'll find you some that are sold here in Kenya! People here are proud of "their" Obama!