23 févr. 2009

Pants sew along

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Mars, le mois du pantalon. J'ai besoin de pantalons et d'un peu de motivation. Ca tombe bien il y a un pants sew along (cousons un pantalon ensemble) proposé par Antoinette qui a commencé hier.

J'ai fini par trouver un patron que j'aime, malheureusement il n'est plus disponible. C'est pourtant exactement le type de pantalon que je veux snirf. Donc, je ne suis pas à un défi prêt, j'ai commencé à faire le patron (j'utilise livre Patternmaking for fashion design). Yapluka!

March is pants'month! I need pants that fit and a little motivation. So I joined Antoinette Pants Sew Along that started yesterday.

I eventually found a pattern (the one above) I looove, but it's nowhere to be found. That's the exact pants I yearn for. So I started to draft it (for that I refered to Patternmaking for fashion design), pictures in the week. Let's go!

6 commentaires:

  1. great pants .. will really enjoy seeing how your sewing journey unfolds with them ...

  2. Glad to see you're sewing along with us! And you draft too? Yeay!

  3. That's a pretty sweet pattern! Hope the drafting is going well. :)

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